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Full Version: Buy csgo with a discount on steam Tutorial.
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If you've ever wanted to buy csgo without going to g2a etc, this tutorial may be for you.



[Image: 76b6b88e7e87fa8db1114d4be022f16d.png]
Trade/Community Market Ban^

To start it off, You'll want to go to https://store.steampowered.com/account/ Or account details in the steam application. Also want to change your region to where csgo will cost the cheapest amount for you, to find this use the link below.

Then, You're going to check this page https://steamdb.info/app/730/ while on this page if you live in the UK you can convert the prices to Great British Pounds. or if you live in the US It'll already be converted to US dollars. 

After that, You'll need a VPN. Why you may ask? Just in case steam tries to detect your country while you're changing regions, you'll need a VPN that'll change your IP to an IP from Russia for Example.

You may ask, will the game be locked to that region only? : So far, I've done this before and bought an EU Copy and Russian and they both work completely fine with me in the US so far. When you're buying the game, your currency will already change to the region you selected, ALSO Make Sure that you gift the game to a fresh steam account aka a dummy account for raging and Smurfing.UNLESS YOU MAY GET THE BAN ABOVE.


words...too hard.....video plz
(10-09-2015, 04:13)mrtrademaster Wrote: [ -> ]words...too hard.....video plz

Nah It's pretty easy and well known, Can't be bothered to do a video Tongue


if "well known" = patch-a-rino
(10-09-2015, 05:29)mrtrademaster Wrote: [ -> ]if "well known" = patch-a-rino

Nah Isn't patched, Its just ban-able. and they can't really patch this, since It's just changing your region etc.


then make a video u scrub
Just buy a RU/CIS gift from g2a, and activate with VPN


is it cheaper?
(10-09-2015, 14:59)mrtrademaster Wrote: [ -> ]is it cheaper?

no, there are a lot of free csgo gambling sites, where you can buy a csgo key cheaper or even for free