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No Connection - Andiix3 - 04-29-2016

What is your problem - I can't login into the loader
Screenshot of problem - https://gyazo.com/a24d94c1172182f70b95a3c510979b98
Optional Information - When I open the loader, i can't login, because it says "Connection failed". I Recently reinstalled Windows 7 so i have no External Firewall / Antivirus installed. I already
disabled Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.
Date and Time of issue - 04 - 29 - 2016 // Last days


RE: No Connection - JumBo` - 04-30-2016

Try upgrading to windows 10, I remember someone had the same problem and it fixed it after upgrade and come on, it's 2016, windows 7 is outdated af.

RE: No Connection - Andiix3 - 05-01-2016

I actually downgraded from windows 10 cause i didn't like it that much and some Programs just didn't go well with it Confused

It worked "well" (I had to start the program like 1000 times to get it to work) on windows 10.

So is upgrading to win10 the only way?

RE: No Connection - Andiix3 - 05-11-2016

So I upgraded to windows 10 like u said but now everytime I start the loader i'll get the message that HWID failed and still can't use it[/quote]

RE: No Connection - An0 - 05-11-2016

The Powershell hack isn't HWID locked, you'll be able to use it

RE: No Connection - Andiix3 - 05-11-2016

Then, how do i fix this error? https://gyazo.com/22c613e344adf7257f36ec000f0f2e08

RE: No Connection - An0 - 05-11-2016

The second packet was invalid for some reason...
Try again, if it doesn't work I'll look into it
PS: I reset your HWID, price is on the house

RE: No Connection - Andiix3 - 05-11-2016

Im sorry for bringing so much trouble , but it still says HWID failed and thx for the reset!

Take your time i don't have to play with it right now Smile

RE: No Connection - Andiix3 - 05-16-2016

But if u wouldn't mind i'd love u, if u could help me fixing this shit Big Grin

RE: No Connection - Wuffle - 05-22-2016

I have the same problem but if I can't fix it in any other way than installing Windows 10 I'll just give up.