Steam Card Farming
Though this is a pretty well known method I still decided that I should make a FAQ to it for the best results.

Please note I'm not responsible for any use of this, I use it myself and I'm completely safe on the 3 accounts I Idle on, I am not responsible for any game bans/Vac's. Also Note you're not Intended to use any third-party software to obtain Steam Trading cards and to obtain Game hours unless from the user himself as stated in the Subscriber agreement.

What is Steam Idle Master? : It's basically a program which detects game id's and weather you can obtain cards depending on playing for an X amount of Hours and/or Minutes. You'll have to put in your steam login for this program to properly work and begin detecting games in your library.

Is a VAC-BAN Possible? : Though I haven't seen any recorded vac's with the use of this program, Please note It isn't intended to be used In game where a Issued Vac-Ban would be more easier and reasonable to explain.

This program is completely Open source and features along with FAQ questions are on the website.

Why is this even useful? : The main reason this is useful is since it goes through every single game on your steam list that it can detect using Play-time to obtain cards, and also the cards can be sold/traded right away. It saves you time so you wont have to leave games open on your pc and all you'll have to do is just keep the program open.

Can I play other Steam games with this program open? : No, since this program shows you have the game open on your profile, if you're to open another game I'm quite sure the Idling game will be closed once you try to open another game, It's best to keep this program open along with steam and not tamper with both during the Idling process. 

How much Steam Levels can be obtained by this? : It actually depends on how much games you have that can be Idled with this method, Keep In mind it can only get cards from games that count steam hours to deliver cards, I myself have gotten to Level 6 using this on a fresh level 1 account. 
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hey finn free cards right xD
(10-08-2015, 02:10)mrtrademaster Wrote:  hey finn free cards right xD

Kill yourself x))
im deadedededededededededed

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