Cheat Progression
Damm it is looking good
Smile it looks great
Heart Heart Heart i love the menu <3
What's been going on?
Well we'r pretty much done with the features, all of them that we are planning to add are 95% done.
The entire menu has been recoded entirely too (looks quite the same but it's much more smooth and less buggier now.)

Manu layouts are kinda done already here's one:
[Image: MyQrYJR.png]
[Image: Son0aQA.jpg]

Oh and here r some more layout concepts that I drew: (INCOMPLETE and most likely will change),,

Yeah... Idk why I did this one though:

ufff... if u insist here's the uncensored version -

That's basically it for now, we are mainly focusing on a new way to load our cheats.
We ran into some problems with test-signing recently too but we found an alternative way that will even allow users to play on EAC-secured servers, this will be really hard to detect too.
Good job guys
ev0 hack is big penis ever Smile I want fuck hack HUECHEATS.
[Image: rRJTFgV.gif]
videos had me dead, pretty funny stuff, looks great also Tongue
Progress Update:

We're soon moving sites, i'm telling you right now DO NOT PURCHASE anything in any way you can even though I think you can't because we closed our paypal account for now.

Make sure to stay tuned cuz shits about to get lit up.

Color Changer:
Looks cool? yeah I think so too:
[Image: f6m7L1.gif]
[Image: AKQasq.gif]

Oh and here's a little bit of esp/chams for ya:
[Image: 3dOcGM.png]
[Image: Csz3vH.png]

What is left to do:

Ragebot is pretty much done, needs a little bit of a tune up for the resolver and fakelag.

Misc tab is yet to be filled up but the features are pretty much done too.

Legitbot still needs work, we're planning to add a really advanced triggerbot too.

Loader Preview:
[Image: IpHAsb.gif]
(Does function properly but still needs some more encrypting and such done before it's ready.)

meme of the week:

Hope you're looking forward to the release Smile

Best Regards,
EV0HAX Team.

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