Private Cheat Prices
Hello community since we're planning to release the private cheat pretty soon we decided to put up some cheat prices.

Notice before we start, the unique build isn't a subscription plan, it only changes your build. You will still have to pay for a normal subcription plan, the build will not be shared with others but you.

Subscription Plans:

1 EURO for 1 day. [Trial Subscription]
5 EUROS for a month.
15 EUROS for a quarter year.
25 EUROS for half a year.

Unique Build Price: 75 EUROS. (One-Time Fee)

I hope you guys like the prices, duration periods are semi-permanent. (No other planned durations for now)

Tell us what do you think about the prices? Pretty cheap for the amount of features huh?

Best Regards,
EV0-HAX Team.

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