[Solved] HELP - Update Cheat
What is your problem - I received vac authentication error when I use cheat Ev0 Hax (Multi-hack powershell). The administrator told me that "I  no have update cheat."
Screenshot of problem - http://prntscr.com/as9f16
Optional Information - How to find cheat update? Should I buy cheat or VIP rank? I read the rules and FAQ but I am bit confused.  Sorry, I not am good english. I hope you understand. My pc is Windows 10 64 bits
Date and Time of issue -
19.20 hours, 14-04-2016
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if you buy more than 15k points in the store/shop you will automaticly get Vip rank. But you can still get the updated cheat by getting trusted by a Mod/Admin by talking to them on TeamSpeak3. But i find it better to just buy Points. hope this helps!
Thank! This cheat is base file powershell or .exe ? I like only ESP Glow and I not need aimbot. I will buy update cheat but more info please
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I buyed rank VIP. How go play cheat in csgo ?
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Get the Powershell cheat from the Shop, then download the Loader and follow the instructions there
Where ? I like use powershell csgo Smile
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Thank. I downloaded e rename file. I need buy item? What is item? What Resets HWID on activation? I can buy "     CSGO INTERNAL - Quarter Year".

Print: http://prntscr.com/au7now
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go to the shop and go on powershell and press buy it will be free.
What are Resets HWID? Need buy  CSGO INTERNAL ?
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