[Solved] HELP - Update Cheat
Only the PowerShell one is available for now
What are Resets HWID?
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The pay cheats are locked to your computer, you'll have to reset your HWID stored on our server if you want to use those hacks on a different PC
ok! But I am rank V.I.P. I not have tag VIP?
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Thank! How to change color nickname?
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(04-28-2016, 21:07)blur92 Wrote:  Thank! How to change color nickname?

You can't the colors for names tells what rank you are to everyone and urself/ like yellow is mod I'm not gonna change my color to pink then that would be weird since people wouldn't know i'm a mod. etc
New loader powershell is VAC error. I run admin new loader hack powershell in USB. I unplug my USB. I play csgo fives minutes or hours. I be kicked by VAC error. :o RIP
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Actually Powershell is blacklisted by Valve and you just need deal it.

One way  you can maybe get over is using Vac error fixer, just google it.

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