[Solved] New loader not working
What is your problem - I open new loader update, login go powershell csgo ... crash bug
Screenshot of problem - http://prntscr.com/aubunq
Optional Information - I Disable all antivirus and firewall, run a admin loader. my pc windows 10 64 bits
Date and Time of issue - 21:15 - 19-04-2016
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Did the old version work?
Yes, the version old working but have very bugs and not work fine. I tested loader:
 1º CSGO Poweshell not work fine and bugs/crash;
 2º CSGO INTERNAL is what? Print: http://prntscr.com/audd27
 3º I receive VAC authentication error and I can't play more time. I read PShack but I do not quite understand this post.
 I hope that will solve solution Smile
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1: You mean that it doesn't always crash?
2: It's WIP
3: This should solve it: https://ev0hax.com/showthread.php?tid=20...853#pid853
1: You mean that it doesn't always crash? Yes, 80% crash and 20% working powershell. I tried open very times.
2: It's WIP. What are WIP? I am V.I.P3: This should solve it: https://ev0hax.com/showthrea Thank. This is solved.d.ph p?tid=20...853#pid853
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WIP means work in progress. aka its not done. more like a pre-alpha.
Did you hear something? I think it's in the basement, let me go upstairs and check it.
[color=#40E0D0]I did reinstall my pc windows 10 64 bits. I disabled antivirus and firewall and I run admin loader hack and open powershell hack will crash when it appeared "packet " . Loader need update or fix it bug.[/color]
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