Here's why VAC error OFFICIALLY can't be solved while using the powershell cheat.

Here's an explanation why the "VAC error" simply cannot be fixed while using the PowerShell cheat now.

It took some time until valve officially stated on their vac error support page that PowerShell is considered a "conflicting program" now and you may not run it while being on a vac secured server.

This officially confirms that the VAC error will still be happening without even PowerShell being a hack, so lets say you run PowerShell.exe and go on a vac secured server, you will still receive the vac error and get kicked no matter what.

Here's some proof about this matter, if you scroll down to "Common Conflicts" you will understand:

With that out of the way, even converting PowerShell to an exe file won't solve it because it's still based on the PowerShell Programming Language.

In addition, this confirms that valve blacklisted PowerShell in whole because they can't find a valid solution to ban players using the PowerShell hack with their current anti-cheat system.

There will be no solution about this matter, you will just have to endure it.

Best Regards,
EV0HAX Team.
But no worries, there'll be new cheats coming soon

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